Top Ten Web Browsers:–And The Best Browser For 2013 is…!

Considering the sensitive information accessed over the net, it’s natural for the people to seek out the best internet browser that can offer them the ultimate privacy. But other than security, people also demand for an appreciable browsing speed, coupled with an ideal user interface to render a top-notch web experience. Hence, we have here compiled a list of the top ten web browsers that has managed to impress the critics and the users alike, with their unique features and appeals.

Let’s Begin The Countdown of the Top Ten Internet Browsers:–

10. Seamonkey

Top Ten Web BrowsersAfter a painstaking comparison between the picks like Flock, Seamonkey, Netscape Navigator, Swiftfox (like Firefox), Stainless (like Chrome) and Konqueror (for Linux), we finally found Seamonkey as the best contender for the tenth position, partly for being a product of Mozilla and also partly because of its distinct all-in-one internet suite feature.

Quick Facts:–

  • Like any other web browsers, it also has that Sync feature to transfer bookmarks, browsing history and other preferences on other linked devices.
  • Tabbed browsing makes it possible to explore multiple web pages through one window; there’s also the Undo Closed Tab/ Window option to bring back the tab you unintentionally closed.
  • Developers would find Seamonkey’s powerful HTML Editor capable of supporting CSS, and other easy to design features aided by the DOM Inspector and JavaScript Debugger.
  • Even though Seamonkey makes use of its crashing plugin to minimize the crashes, it nevertheless has the Session Restore facility for the rare crashes and computer restarts.

9. Deepnet Explorer

Top Ten Web BrowsersAlthough Deepnet is somewhat short on the browser security area, for its lack of in-site antimalware tools, it nevertheless has some revolutionary features like phishing alert and the standard popup blocker.

Quick Facts:–

  • The only thing that Deepnet is good at is the tabbed navigation and the P2P file sharing network.
  • Other interesting but not unseen options are the interactive Mouse gestures, Form filler and the RSS News reader.

8. Rockmelt

Top Ten Web BrowsersThe brain behind the Rockmelt must be a Facebook/Twitter-addict or simply a genius to make its browser more marketable with the social network friendly features packaged in it.

Quick Facts:–

  • Rockmelt is also known for its speedy web browsing (the result of being made on the Chrome platform), and the reliable anti-phishing and anti-malware security.
  • Facebook is melted in the interface of Rockmelt, making it easier for the “social media”-addicts to keep in touch with their friends, families and acquaintances for the whole browsing period. Facebook is perpetually in your view, no matter what web page you indulge yourself in.

7. Avant browser

Top Ten Web BrowsersThe low CPU usage that it tends to consume has gained it hundreds of fans, and an honorable mention in the “top ten browsers” list from major critics, besides us (LOL)!

Quick Facts:–

  • Its multi-processing design restricts one failed tab from affecting other tabs and crashing down the browser.
  • You will surely love its Video Sniffer feature that detects videos and offers you the option to download them with 1 click.
  • The Mouse Gesture feature ads fun to the web surfing, as does the Split View option, letting you do two tasks simultaneously (like video watching and news reading).
  • The built in RSS reader and the multi-document interface, as well as the online bookmarks and the Popup blocker are there for your web comfort.

6. Maxathon

Top Ten Web BrowsersAlthough it does comes with better browsing performance in an exquisite design, Maxathon still offers the users various customizations for the skin and the toolbar.

Quick Facts:–

  • With the view to make it compatible with almost any webpage, it encompasses 2 rendering engines, namely Webkit and Trident, to switch in between.
  • In Maxathon, you can “view results from different search engines simultaneously” in a side by side representation for comparison.
  • It also sports the Mouse gesture feature, by which a simple shape drawn with your mouse can trigger commands (such as Close Tab, Refresh, Next Tab, etc.)
  • It also presents Download Sniffer, Ad/Popup blocker, Split Screen, Private Browsing as well as a Do Not Track feature to uplift your browsing experience.

5. Safari

Top Ten Web BrowsersApple Incs proprietary browser, Safari, hails with the aim to give its users an impressive web-hunt experience. Moreover, it also has an elegant design to wow the users, and being an Apple’s innovation, you will find it as the default browser in Mac and iOS devices.

Quick Facts:–

  • Even if you don’t have a Macbook, you can still relish the Mac-like browsing experience with the Safari browser installed on your Linux or Windows.
  • Developers rejoice at its incredible Java, HTML 5 and the CSS 3 compatibility. You can simply check the elements of a web page with the Inspect Element feature that Safari offers.
  • The Activity Window lets you check what images/scripts/data are being downloaded when you click on a link and surf the web.
  • The iCloud bookmarks and Apple’s webkit further makes web Safari interesting.
  • It’s also good to find a built-in dictionary; all you have to do is highlight the “word” and hit the shortcut (Ctrl+Cmd+D).
  • Another fun thing in Safari is the Start Speaking Text feature; highlight a portion of text on the web, and click this option to see how cool Safari really is.
  • With its URL Path navigation feature, you can quickly retrace your step at one click. There’s also the ARIA support, plug-ins, email page link, search snapback feature to ease your browsing.

4. Internet Explorer

Top Ten Web BrowsersAlmost every PC users must have had a go with the Internet Explorer, but then left it for other better web browsers like Firefox owing to the poor features and Microsoft’s inability (or is it negligence!) to render IE a more impressive functionality and design. But now, when Google released its Chrome, Microsoft finally began to give attention to its IE, delivering an impressive update with its IE version 9.

  • It is packed with an innovative hardware acceleration setting that makes use of its JavaScript Engine (aka Chakra) and the graphics processor to yield better performance and web speed.
  • IE, being a Microsoft creation, is the default browser in the Windows and XP systems, and thus had major usage.
  • Once upon a time IE had a simple user interface and only the New Window option, but its updated versions now come with a fast system interface and also the tabbed browsing feature.
  • When it comes to security and privacy, most browsers would bow to IE for its tight security, parental controls and cross site scripting filter.
  • Moreover, there’s also the sandbox feature to restrict failed sites from crashing the whole browser.

3. Opera

Top Ten Web BrowsersWhile other web browsers may excel as the best one for PCs or Macbooks, the Opera is happy with dominating the mobile phone browsing with its Mini Opera version. The grown up version for PCs is also a gem, if you take time exploring its delicacies.

Quick Facts:–

  • In performance and yielding responses, Opera showed an incredible speed, which even seemed to beat that of Mozilla and Chrome.
  • Although crashes generally do not happen, but even if they do, Opera has the Crash Recovery feature to restore your web session.
  • There’s also the Tab previews feature that presents you thumbnail views of the websites you are browsing, easier to see what topics you are surfing.
  • The Speed Dial and the Turbo feature further improves your web surfing, the later being good at speeding up the browser and acting as a built-in proxy server.

2. Firefox

Top Ten Web BrowsersPutting Firefox at the second position would not erase the fact that half the world still claims it as the number one web browser. And, to be frank, I myself am a Firefox supporter, and would have indeed hailed it on the top spot, if it were not for the fact that lately my Firefox pal has been experiencing crashes (might be because of my “10 to 16 tabs”-opening habit on one go), along with showing a slow performance.

Quick Facts:–

  • Its vast add-ons gallery still makes people addicted to it, and the old users (like me) would not find peace with other web browsers, however good they are.
  • Other than Add-ons feature and the vast developer’s community it possess, Firefox also beats Chrome on the Javascript performance.
  • And, of course, its Firebug addon lets web designers and developers learn the CSS and HTML elements of a specific web page.
  • I have also grown somewhat lazy with the “Pin Tab” option Firefox offer, according to which every time you start the browser, you will be welcomed by your pinned websites, besides the default homepage.

1. Chrome

Top Ten Web BrowsersBeloved by a majority of people, this 2-years-old “baby” Chrome introduced by Google shows huge potentiality of being the master of all web browsers (except Firefox!), not only in style but also in performance.

Quick Facts:–

  • The built-in Task Manager of chrome is a gem, showing you the memory/CPU usage that each opened tabs is consuming. What’s more, you can even force close a problem-creating tab, and thus prevent the browser from crashing.
  • Another pro of the Chrome is its modest hardware requirements, and the lightweight system resources that help deliver fast web browsing.
  • When you right click on a tab, it too features the “Pin Tab” option, as well as some innovative options like “Paste & Go/Search”, “Duplicate” etc.
  • Chrome can also deliver an iPad Interface, letting you see what your site would look in an Ipad.
  • Some other interesting features to be discovered in Chrome are its Incognito Browsing mode, built-in PDF reader and flash player.
  • It also offers the option to sync bookmarks and extension in your Google account, and the silent background updates make it more appealing.

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